Sneakers You Need to Know: adidas Yeezy 700

Learn all about the shoe that started the “dad shoe” movement with this guide to its four different versions, colorways, sizing info, and more.

The word “fearless” is probably the best word you’d use to describe Kanye West’s moves throughout the fashion, music, and sneaker industries. Nothing about the enigmatic Chicago native screams “timid” or “understated.” There are many examples of ‘Ye going against the grain in his fields of expertise, but since we’re Stadium Goods and not GQ or Rolling Stone, we wholeheartedly believe the boldest move of his career was releasing the adidas Yeezy Boost 700 “Wave Runner” in 2017.

Why the “Wave Runner?” It’s simple. When the shoe dropped, it looked more like a holdover from another era than anything trending in sneakers at the time. Shoes with colorful accents and big, chunky soles like the 700 hadn’t been a thing since the early 2000s. So to say that it stood out among its competitors would be an understatement.

Once the initial shock of seeing something as different as the radically styled 700 wore off for sneaker collectors, the retro-modern shoe became as popular as anything in the Yeezy lineup. So much so that adidas and Kanye retreated to the lab to produce alternate versions of the original Yeezy Boost 700—the adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2, Yeezy Boost V3, and Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN.

With four different styles of the Yeezy 700, it can be confusing when determining the differences between each silhouette. From the “Wave Runner” to the MNVN, each look features subtleties that make the shoe stand out on its own. Here is a guide to everything you need to know about the adidas Yeezy 700.

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 “Faded Azure” 

The Original: adidas Yeezy Boost 700

As we touched on, when the adidas Yeezy Boost 700 debuted, it looked nothing like the unstructured, knitted sneakers that had proliferated the sneaker landscape in 2017. The chunky midsole of the shoe brings to mind a bygone era in performance footwear that placed an emphasis on support and stability. The retro color scheme looked every bit like a sneaker out of the early ‘90s, which was a welcomed change of pace in the eyes of many fans and collectors. We wouldn’t have had the “dad shoe” trend without the Yeezy 700.

Our favorite 700 colorways: “Analog” – “Sun” – “Inertia”

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2 “Mauve”

 Version 2: adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2

Adidas wasted little time in introducing the 700’s follow-up, the Yeezy Boost 700 V2, a year after dropping the original 700. In late 2018, the 700 V2 debuted featuring a remodeled upper construction with different panel shapes and seamless, wave-like Three Stripes branding on its mesh base. The 700 V2 has been released mostly in grey or black tonal or close-to-tonal colorways, making it the most subtle option of the Yeezy 700.

Our favorite 700 V2 colorways: “Static” – “Tephra” – “Hospital Blue”

adidas Yeezy 700 V3 “Clay Brown”

Version 3: adidas Yeezy 700 V3

Never one to rest on his laurels, Kanye West was back with another version of the adidas Yeezy 700, the Yeezy 700 V3, in the winter of 2020. The “Azael” was the sleek model’s first colorway. Notable changes include futuristic RPU overlay cages across the upper and the removal of Boost cushioning from the midsole in favor of soft EVA foam. If you ask us, it’s almost as if the Yeezy 700 V3 is an entirely new model altogether.

Our favorite 700 V3 colorways: “Arzareth” – “Dark Glow” – “Safflower”

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN “Phosphor”

Extra Flash: adidas Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN

You could probably summon this up on your own by comparing the different 700s, but the adidas Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN is the most contemporary version of the shoe yet. The upper, sans mesh and suede overlays, sports a full nylon construction with large reflective “700” branding printed on the mid-panel and reflective bits around the forefoot and heel. The MNVN model brings back the chunky, original 700 sole with Boost cushioning.

Our favorite 700 MNVN colorways:  Triple Black” – “Orange” – “Bright Cyan”

adidas Yeezy Boost 700 “Inertia” 

adidas Yeezy 700 Sizing

Knowing the ins and outs about the adidas Yeezy 700 line includes figuring out how to properly size all four models. By all accounts, the Yeezy Boost 700 fits true to size. We suggest going with your regular adidas Yeezy size. If you have a wide foot, you may need to size up half a size in the 700. Otherwise, the Yeezy 700 fits true to size, or “TTS,” as they say.

As for the Yeezy Boost 700 V2 and Yeezy Boost 700 MNVNwe also recommend selecting your regular Yeezy size. Both silhouettes essentially ride on the same OG Boost midsole as the first 700, so there shouldn’t be too much variance in fit.

Where sizing for the Yeezy Boost 700, 700 V2, and 700 MNVN are straightforward, that’s not necessarily the case with the 700 V3. Most people have found that going a half size up from their regular size provides them with a comfortable fit. Some even prefer going a full size up, especially those with wide feet.

The Yeezy 700’s Massive Influence

The adidas Yeezy Boost 700 is Kanye West’s most influential sneaker creation yet. When it debuted, minimalist, sock-like shoes were the wave. After the “Wave Runner,” that all changed. Sneakers with retro-modern details, specifically those with chunky soles, took over sneaker culture in force.

You could also make the argument that the Yeezy 700 may have influenced the current popularity of New Balance and some of the brand’s chunky, retro-inspired running and lifestyle shoes, like the 990 series. Some have said the 700 looked like a chunky New Balance sneaker to begin with, so it’s really come full circle. 

The bottom line is, the Yeezy Boost 700, especially the “Wave Runner,” forever changed sneaker culture, and that’s not up for debate. Do you have your pair of one of the most influential sneakers in the last decade?

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